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Physical stores in which to shop are disappearing at an alarming rate leaving customers fewer opportunities to view and hold products before purchasing them. What is available for most people now is the big chain department store in the middle of town. This is cost-effective and convenient but hardly the place to go for high-quality items. The jewelry department is a perfect example. Cheap sunglasses, costume jewelry, hair accessories, and watch batteries make up most of the inventory.

Lack of Jewelry Stores

There are fewer and fewer real jewelry stores among physical shopping options. Consulting a professional jeweler, getting questions answered, and being able to see the latest styles are no longer possible for most people. The lack of jewelry stores is a modern tragedy, but new options have appeared to replace that void. One option is shopping on websites maintained by independent jewelry designers.


Shoppers can explore designer jewelry and have more selection than the department store jewelry section. The pricing is affordable, so the average person can enjoy the creativity and uniqueness of designer pieces that used to be associated with high prices. Communicating directly with designers via live chats, social media pages, emails, and video calls is another benefit. Customers can ask questions, learn more about the designer and inspirations, and work with them on custom pieces.

Seeing different styles, from fine jewelry to the bold and innovative, presents several new options for customers who have only been exposed to mainstream pieces that sell quickly in stores and at online retailers. Viewing only the jewelry that some professional buyer deems worthy closes off fun and exciting possibilities. Recycled materials, woven pieces, stunning hair decorations, and captivating ear cuffs are all offered by new and established designers who now showcase whatever they create.

How to Find Websites

Doing a basic keyword search is the easiest way to discover independent websites. A general search may be overwhelming, so narrowing down the results is wise. Choose the type of jewelry desired, such as chokers, bracelets, rings, anklets, or men’s jewelry to get fewer results. If a specific color or metal is desired, try those as keywords. A price range is another option to eliminate jewelry out of the budget.

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