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A Quick Guide On How To Use A Honey Extractor

The honey super is the part of the beehive where you can get all of the honey. There are about eight to ten frames in each of the honey supers. Worker bees are the bees that store all the nectar into one of these honeycombs. After the supers are full with nectar, the beekeepers then work by taking the full honey supers from the hive and extracts the honey. Before the beehive gets winterized, all of these steps must be done.

Honey extracting companies use drums that have rotating wire baskets to harvest the honey. All the combs that have been sealed with wax by the bees will be collected by the beekeeper and are put into the basket. It is the beekeepers decision whether he uses his hands or a motor to turn the basket. By turning the basket, the honey then comes out from the side of the drum and them slowly drains through a spigot.

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The first step is removing the frames.

If you plan on extracting honey from the beehive, make sure you have the right equipment to do so. You need the right protective gear on before you walk up to a swarm of bees; you need protecting headgear, a hat or veil plus bee suit and gloves. Getting all the stuff ready is essential to keep the bee extracting process efficiently fast. It is imperative that you have a sheet of plywood to cover up the empty hive bodies as well as the frame gripper; you are also going to need an empty hive body for each of the super of honey.

You will not be able to transfer the supers from the hives to the area where the honey will be extracted without the needed equipment. You do not want a honey room full of bees; this is why you have to make sure that you remove the frames without irritating the bees.

If you are a smart beekeeper then you should have all of the needed equipment ready before you remove the first frame. Not having even one of the needed equipment is going to put you in a bad spot; everything has to be there so that everything will fall right into the plan. The thing about the equipment is that it plays a huge part in bee extracting; stings from bees are not good at all and without the protective gear, you will get a lot of them.

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